Gimbal Controllers: Alexmos V3 IMU 2 (Frame IMU)

Alexmos V3 IMU 2 (Frame IMU)

AlexMos V3 IMU 2 (Frame IMU)
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A second IMU which can be used with the V3 Control board and is the "Frame IMU" - it is wired in series and is a special IMU unit. The standard IMU's will not function as "second" units on the V3 board!

The picture below shows a typical set up with the main control board at the bottom connected to the Frame IMU and then to the Camera IMU. 

This special 2nd IMU will act as the Frame IMU and when connected will be recognised by the GUI. You will need to make it active in the GUI and it will need to be Calibrated. The GUI needs to know if it is placed above or below the YAW motor - see the manual for more details.

We supply a silicone IMU cable with the IMU 2.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to use two cables to run the IMU's in series. If you want to then it will work just as well if you connect the main board to the Camera IMU and the Frame IMU using a "Y" cable. The single end of the "Y" connects to the main control board and the other ends are connected to the Camera IMU and to either plug on the Frame IMU - job done! If you would like a custom made "Y" cable just contact us.


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