Gimbal Controllers: Alexmos Controller Board V3

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Alexmos Controller Board V3

Alexmos Gimbal Control Board V3 (32 bit processor)
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What Is It....?

The Alexmos board is a fully featured control system for camera gimbals (airbourne and ground based) allowing automatic stabilsation and a host of sophisticated control parameters.

The board is very feature rich:

  • It has third axis built in.
  • It's based on an ARM 32 bit processor With Security key locking
  • It will be called SBGCv3.0
  • Buzzer support
  • S-Bus support
  • Spekrum Satellite support
  • Integrated Blue tooth
  • Battery voltage monitor for power correction
  • On board power supply for up to 6S
  • 1 extra RC input + 3 input/output AUX1..AUX3 for extra functions
  • More amperage on 5V power line (up to 1A)
  • License-based firmware upgrades guarantee only authorised manufacturers on the market
  • Size of the board: 50x50 mm
  • Distance between the mounting holes: 45 mm
  • Diameter of the mounting holes: 3 mm
  • Power supply voltage: 8-25 V
  • 5V output current to power external devices: up to 1 A
  • Maximum motor current: 1.5 A

What do you get from Desire RC?

  • UK manufactured Alex Mos V3 (32 bit arm processor) with all three axis on one controller board with the latest firmware
  • Bluetooth connectivity!! - no need to physically connect to the board which reduces stress on the board and offers easy configuration via the Graphical User Interface (GUI). Each bluetooth unit is uniqely coded.
  • 1 x IMU 3 axis board
  • Special l IMU silicone connection cable
  • Dedicated power lead
  • 3 x motor connection plugs with silicone wires

PLEASE NOTE: A second IMU can be used with the Control board - it is wired is series and is a special IMU unit called the v3IMU2. We expect to have these in stock by the end of March 2014. The standard IMU's will not function as "second" units on the V3 board!

Whats in the package?

1 x V3 Control Board

1 x IMU

1 x IMU soft silicone IMU Cable

1 x Power Lead

3 x Soft Silicone Motor Cables

What else do you need?

  • A suitable gimbal for your camera
  • Suitable brushless motors for the gimbal
  • A bluetooth enabled computer or a suitable bluetooth dongle 
  • The latest GUI to allow programming of the board
  • To make it work, there are several things to do (refer to instructions for help with the board set up):
  • Build the gimbal
  • Mount the Alex Mos controller
  • Mount the IMU (2 can be fitted if required)
  • Mount you camera and MAKE SURE YOU BALANCE THE GIMBAL to ensure that the camera remains level on both the roll and tilt axis. This is important as a poor centre of gravity will result in poor performance!
  • We recommend using a separate 3s to max 6s lipo to power the board as this is the optimal voltage and reduces possible electrical interference from other devices
  • Load the GUI on your computer - communication is via Bluetooth - no physical connection required


The board and the IMU are mounted on the gimbal and then the board and IMU are set up using the GUI (Graphical User Interface). Basically each gimbal can be "tuned" to allow the set up you need. Each motor has its own set of "PID's" which control the way in which the motors will work. 

Once the GUI set up has been completed and the PID's are set, then you should be ready to go. Just as a word of caution, anything that has a power supply, please ensure that you have carefully read the connection parameters and our recommendations as incorrect operation is very likely to damage your board which will invalidate any warranty.

Instructions & Tutorials:

Click this link to take you to our AlexMos Instructions & Tutorials page!


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